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Production Date

April, 2013

Used Skills

WordPress, Php, HTML5, CSS3

Dzone Technologies is a Pune based Company that offers a complete suite of software services and high-end business solutions for corporate s and individuals. Formed as a small group of individuals, we are focused on delivering fastest and customer satisfying services to define, develop and support software and web based projects to cater to the needs of small, medium and bigger clients across the world. The services that we offer are Website design and development, Print Media, email marketing, content writing, data entry, social network marketing, power point presentation, website updation. We convert your project dream designs and concept into reality.

This philosophy is supported with our proven experience in dealing with variety of vendors which not only adds to the overall cost but also involves significant time and effort every time a new need arises. The catalyst of our role is also our dedication to form and nurture client relationships as we always offer the right technology to business so that our clients can succeed today, future and always.

We are a firm believer in providing the safety and security of solutions to all our clients whom we deliver results both qualitatively and quantitatively. By this it helps us in nurturing our future projections, strategies and covering a larger market. As we represent varied clients, we make sure that we are not pushing any product or service to rather work for the client interest areas and matching the client needs. Our Proven step-by-step methodology helps us maintain accurate development strategies and schedules to meet client Specifications.

Building a network of honest business people with varied skills and expertise for an honest business environment that will keep growing rendering benefits to the society.

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