Devjeet Saha

A Bike Rider and A World Record Holder


Devjeet Saha

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This is an anecdote of a boy born to a Bengali family based in Pune, named Devjeet Saha . Since his childhood days the adrenal rush for speed was a dominant trait in the grooming blood. In those days he would race on his bicycle (with balancing wheels) with the big boys of his colony, and still win. At several occasions, people would say to his father “Saha Sahab aapka beta bahut fast cycle chalata hai. Zara usko bolo dheere chalaye.”(Sir, your son rides the bicycle very fast, ask him to slow down) But the boy never slowed down rather paced up to replace his bicycles with motor-bikes. Hence the journey of a ‘Throttling-Rider’ began to travel places, beat the records, bask in the glory and be a poster boy of the media for the youth who love to ride.

Dev, as he is affectionately called by his friends, belongs to an affluent family. His father, Mr. Dilip Saha is a mechanical engineer, of repute while his mother, Mrs. Sukla Saha is an amiable homemaker. His elder sister Priyanka Saha, a well-known journalist, is married to Mr. Sudeep Saha, a famed freelance sports graphics producer, settled in Delhi.

Dev has travelled far and wide, which has indeed contributed in development of a responsible cosmopolitan and a darling to all who came across.

At the age of 18 his father gifted him his first bike, the Hero Honda Passion, propelled the passion for long distance rides. Dev has travelled so far to 11 states and has covered more than 3 lakh kms on the two wheels.

Dev has done his Masters in Business Administration – Marketing from Pune. While doing MBA, he met “The Bike Guru”- Mr. Dilip Bam. Further meetings eventually boosted Dev’s likelihood for biking, as Mr. Dilip Bam voluntarily offered to be his mentor. The meeting brought a change in the boy, to be an entrepreneur; this phenomenon led them to team-up to start a joint business venture: DZone Group (, a firm that extensively covers bike testing.

Dev, under the banner of Dzone Group, has done the successful testing of various bikes from well-known market segment leaders such as the Royal Enfield, Hero Motor Corp., TVS, DSK Hyosung. Apart from that he has done in depth tests and evaluation of Ralco tyre performance under different riding terrains. Detailed reports for the same are available at

Devjeet has his own business ’ Dzone Technologies’ for website hosting and online media services covering various,web designing & developing, SEO (search engine optimization), e-presentation, social network marketing, product promotions, photography, videography, content writing, and print media are a few to be named.

You are twice defeated in the race of life with no confidence but with confidence you have won even before you have started any race in life.

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